Vol: 2 Issue: 02, Aug 2016
1. A Secure Trust Based Routing Protocol for MANET [pdf]
Authors: Ranjana Sharma, Er. Anuradha Panjeta
2. Performance Evaluation of Defense Mechanism in VANET [pdf]
Authors: Amanpreet, Richa Gupta
3. To Develop an Image Based Steganography Framework to Enhance Quality of Payload Object [pdf]
Authors: Monika, Er. Mohinder Singh
4. Fingerprint Recognition Using Improved Gabor Filtering [pdf]
Authors: Anu Rathi, Anu Panjeta
5. Performance Analysis of Scheduling Algorithms Under Different Power Models [pdf]
Authors: Sachin Kumar, Sukhbir
6. Review of Data Mining In WSN [pdf]
Authors: Priyanka Devi, Parminder Kaur
7. Character Recognition of offline Handwritten Devanagari Script Using Artificial Neural Network [pdf]
Authors: Naveen Malik, Aashdeep Singh
8. Energy Aware Model for Cloud Computing [pdf]
Authors: Qurat Ul Ain